I started some little OpenSource Projects:
  1. A wrapper for configuration management.
  2. A simple foosball management application
  3. Optimized Version of freerails (stopped)
  4. MACAD (Magic:The Gathering Card Administration) (stopped)
  5. Treeline (Generic Framework for command line oriented obejct-tree explorers)

Java Applets by Roland Spatzenegger

I started writing applet in spring 1996. All applets are under copyright by Roland Spatzenegger. You are not allowed to use one of this applets without my permission. Should be no problem to get the permission, just write me an email .
  1. Twisted Scroller I (first version)
  2. Twisted Scroller II(vector version)
  3. Twisted Scroller III (optimized version of I, but still not finished)
  4. Simple Ticker
  5. Countdown
  6. URL-Selection with GIF-Buttons

Atari Demos

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